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Kota is an attractive tourist destination on the banks of the Chambal river and is one of the most lively and charming cities in the state of Rajasthan. The Kota travel guide will let you know more about the city. As per historians, the city was founded in the 12th century and Kota is a part of the Malwa Plateau. The basic establishment of Kota city was laid on 1264 AD as soon as the Rajput took over the place from a local tribal leader. With a glorious past and prosperous heritage and history, Kota kings were well-known for their legendary performances in wars fought with Mughal rulers.
The popularity of Kota’s architectural splendor has gone beyond the bygone era to the 21st century globalized world attracting millions of domestic and international travellers. Sightseeing in Kota is no doubt one of the best ways to explore its palaces, museums and temples and take a glimpse of such magnificent artworks of Rajputs. Some attractions in Kota known for their historical significance are:

City Fort Palace
Jagmandir Palace
Rao Madho Singh Museum
Kota Government Museum

A monument to Rajput traditions and bravery, Kota is famous for its wonderful heritage. Kota’s coat of arms was extremely well known for its wonderful design and is exhibited in museums in Kota. Striking temples with numerous renowned stories behind them, historical forts and impressive palaces with Rajput architectural styles are all housed in the landscape of Kota. Kota is well-known for textile weaving, imposing handicrafts, oilseed and cotton milling, distilleries and dairy products. The renowned Doria Saris are created from the weaving mills of Kota. Metal handicrafts are specialty products of Kota’s expert artists. Kota is also famous for the Victorian style structures built here modeled on British design. For a comfortable stay, the tourists can get the addresses of quality hotels and resorts in the Kota travel guide.

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