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Built since 1464, Neemrana Fort-Palace became the third capital of the descendants of Prithviraj Chauhan III, who had fled Delhi in 1192 after he was vanquished in battle by Muhammad Ghori. Neemrana’s rulers, proud of lineage, continued to assert themselves, even under the British, as their kingdom suffered. Thus, their lands were clipped and given away to Alwar, Patiala, Nabha and others who entertained the viceroys of the Raj with shikar and Champagne breakfasts. The Chauhans would bow to none.

In 1947, Raja Rajinder Singh of Neemrana moved down to Vijay Bagh as the façade of his Fort-Palace crumbled and its ramparts began to give way. For forty years he tried to rid himself of his liability but there were no takers.
Neemrana is an ancient historical town in Alwar district of Rajasthan, India, situated at 122 km from Delhi and 150 km from Jaipur on the Delhi-Jaipur highway in Behror tehsil.

Nestled beautifully in the Aravalli ranges, Neemrana is a city of splendid historical monuments and enchants the tourists with its beautiful lakes and valleys. It is located in Alwar district of the state Rajasthan and is placed in between Behror and Shahjahanpur. It is widely known as ‘Raath region’. Beautiful lakes, big hunting lodges, historical sites and several varieties of birds and animals makes this city a must visit while planning an escapade in Rajasthan.

The city is based in close vicinity from Delhi and thus serves as a weekend getaway spot and an apt destination to enjoy the vacations with family. Neemrana Travel Guide is incomplete without a mention of the Neemrana Fort Palace. The Fort is located over the dark Hornstone Breccia rocks and is spread over an area of 50-65 meters. It was constructed by the Yadavas, descendants of Lord Krishna.

The imperial ambience of the city, marked by a number of historical structures and monuments is worth experiencing. Various forts and palaces with their embellishments and decorations stand to take your breath away.

Neemrana Fort was built from 1464 AD, Neemrana Fort-Palace is located on a high hillock and commands magnificent views of the surrounding beauty. It is among India’s oldest heritage resort hotels, as it was created in 1986. Its name derives from a valiant local chieftain named Nimola Meo. The Chauhan capital was shifted from Mandhan (near Alwar) to Neemrana when the fort was established by Raja Dup Raj in 1467.
The Rajasthan government, through Rajasthan Industrial Cooperation RIICO, has developed industrial zones in various stages in Neemrana in Alwar district in the past several years. Companies from India and abroad have set up their units in these industrial areas and many more new industries are arriving, creating new employment opportunities. Japanese industrial zone developed by RIICO is an extension of previously existing industrial zone.

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