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Deeg Fort, Deeg

As mentioned in the district Gazetteer of Bharatpur, the Deeg Fort was built by Maharaja Badan Singh The fort is encompassed by giant walls and surrounded by a wide moat One needs to cross a bridge to get inside the fort The massive gate still looks intimidating Most of the structures inside the fort are not in good condition. A watchtower still stands overlooking the area with a gun placed over it. Inside the area few cannons. One of them seized from Ahmed Shah Abdali.

Deeg was the capital of the Jat kings before they shifted to Bharatpur. Badan Singh, who came to the throne in 1721, built a palace here. Due to its strategic location and proximity to Agra, Deeg had to face repeated attacks by invaders. His son, prince Suraj Mal, began the construction of a fortress around the palace around 1730. The fort had massive walls and a deep moat to keep away raiders.

Deeg was a site of a legendary battle between the Jats and a combined Mughal and Maratha army of 80,000 men. Emboldened by his victory, Suraj Mal began making forays into enemy territory. After eight years of success in his forays, Suraj Mal captured Delhi and plundered the Red Fort carrying away masses of valuables including an entire marble building, which was dismantled and numbered. The palace was then reconstructed at Deeg.

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