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Blue Pottery

Blue Pottery is the one of the most well-known item constructed in Rajasthan. What was once only the luxury of the rich, today has become an reasonable piece of ornamentation. Today the items made in blue pottery are available in many colours like pink, yellow and green. Tourists should not at all miss the shopping of blue pottery. Blue Pottery is unique in appearance. 

The Jaipur blue pottery, prepared from Egyptian paste, is shiny and low-fired. Some of this pottery is semi-transparent and generally ornamented with animal and bird designs. Being fired at very low temperature makes them easily broken. The range of items is primarily attractive, such as ashtrays, vases, coasters, small bowls and boxes for trinkets.

The use of blue polish on pottery made from Multani mitti, or Fuller’s earth is an imported technique, first introduced by Mongol artisans who combined Chinese finishing technology with Persian ornamental arts. 

Gradually the blue glaze technique grew beyond an architectural accessory to Kashmiri potters. From there, the technique traveled to the plains of Delhi and in the 17th century went to Jaipur. The rulers of Jaipur were limited to blue-glazed ware, and many marble halls in Rambagh Palace have fountains lined with blue tiles. These tiles were also used in the building of the city of Jaipur, but they vanished soon after. This art was forgotten for the want of cheaper and more durable pottery options as also due to the lack of expert artisans willing to carry on the craft. 
The blue colour or turquoise color is obtained by mixing crude copper oxide with salt or sugar in a kiln and then filtering it for use. The dark ultramarine colour is obtained from cobalt oxide. The common motifs are insipred from Mugal era arabesque patterns, animal and bird motifs. The products made include plates, flower vases, soap dishes, surahis (small pitcher), trays, coasters, fruit bowls, door knobs, and glazed tiles with hand painted floral designs. The craft is found mainly in Jaipur, but also in Sanganer, Mahalan, and Neota.

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