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Yoga and Mediation

Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra are all parts of the ancient life-disciplines that have been practiced in India for centuries. They find mention in the scriptures of the Vedas and Upnishads. Yoga is the the science of the Union with the divine, with Truth; Tantra is the most direct method of controlling the energy that creates the ultimate union with truth; and Ayurveda is the science of life. The purpose of each practice is to help the individual achieve longevity, rejuvenation and self-realisation. The object of the practice of Yoga and Tantra is liberation, although only certain disciplined individuals are able to achieve the ultimate goals through these practices. If Ayurveda is the science of the body, Yoga is the science of the body, Yoga is the science of spirit. They are sister sciences. The practice of Yoga is an important , natural, preventive measure to ensure good health. The practice of an ayurvedic regimen is a precursor to Yoga because it is only when the body is fit that the individual is ready to study the spiritual science of Yoga.
In Rajasthan, royal palaces had workshops which were helpful for healing, preventive cures and aiding long life. These conventional systems had been in pervasiveness in country for centuries but in mishmash with new systems achieved from relations with parts of West Asia. Moreover there were ashrams where vaids, hakims and yoga teacher give an opinion to people on the benefits of these method and royal families regularly request parishioners of these sciences to teach citizens in their sovereignty on their benefits so that their popularity become more well-known. 

Here find a list of the various healing practices which can cure you. There are various institutes in Rajasthan and any of these would be glad to recommend you on a method of treatment, plus the possible time, perfectly suitable to your individual needs.

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